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About the Book

Elevate Your Leadership

How to Develop, Maintain and Advance Lifelong Leadership

About Robert Pizzini
Available for Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover

This book is born of my desire to share with others the simple yet effective practices which have given me the tools to not only help my company and employees survive the COVID-19 pandemic, but thrive in the chaos. I first introduced the framework of the book as a company-wide leadership development and team-building seminar. During the pandemic, Elevate Your Leadership grew to be a very popular three-day online seminar. We have expanded to offer a popular experiential learning retreat which I lead at iFLY Virginia Beach Indoor Skydiving, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Leadership is a perishable skill. Use it or lose it. Musicians rehearse, athletes train, scientists conduct experiments. Leading others is no different. Successful leaders are dedicated to lifelong learning. This book will elevate your confidence and competence by developing your own leadership brand.

Good leaders draw from a variety of skills and qualities depending on the situation, like an artist draws from a palette of colors. In Part I, The Art of Leadership, you will craft your own unique leadership brand from a palette of leadership styles, power types, and core traits. When your leadership brand is infused with situational awareness and conscious execution, you avoid potentially explosive blind spots in your interactions with others and make the best decisions possible.

Part II, The Science of Leadership, guides you through adopting the habits which will elevate your fitness for leadership throughout your life. The science of leadership draws on six proven factors influencing physical wellness and mental vitality. Putting these factors into play will elevate your physical health and cognitive vitality while also deepening your reserves to handle inevitable chaos. You will discover greater energy and mental clarity and help your team to develop the same capacity for seeing opportunity amidst chaos and uncertainty.

Practicing both the art and science of leadership will prepare you to lead high-performing teams in today’s dynamic corporate environment.