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Leadership Packages

Leadership Seminar
1 Day

This full day, highly interactive experience begins with human body flight at iFLY Va Beach Indoor Skydiving. With an expanded comfort zone from the flight experience, we then focus on a very non-traditional approach to the art and science of leadership. Facilitated discussions include:

  • The landscape. What does today’s workforce require from employers?
  • Your personal definition of leadership.
  • Modern and not so modern leadership styles and power-authority types, and nine critical trails of highly effective leaders.
  • Mental and physical fitness of a leader to include deep dives on how rest, hydration, nutrition, exercise, brain and heart health, and lifelong learning are critical to high performance leadership

We build and evolve your foundation in leadership giving you great confidence and energy, extending your ability to be a highly effective leader everyday throughout your professional journey. You will leave with a keen awareness of your current and future role as a leader and immediately apply what you have experienced. A highly nutritious and energizing Lunch is included with this event.

Leadership Offsite
2 Days

This two day experience includes everything in the Leadership seminar, plus discussions regarding organizational architecture, strategy, operations, and product and service delivery. The Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) is compared against business decision making tools giving you great confidence in the decisions you make as a leader.

Highly influential leaders have a detailed understanding of the three levels of business structure within their organizations, allowing them to lead effectively inside and outside of their business.

They lead, delegate, and hold accountable based on the organizational alignment. The seminar also includes a great discussion on decision making using a variation of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) that Bob applies to his business models resulting in the fastest route to the greatest profitability.

Lunch is included and an optional dinner and whiskey tasting at Tarnished Truth Distillery is a great way to celebrate your team’s success after the seminar.

Leadership Retreat
3 Days

You put everything into what you do; everything is the way you built it. Even though you are at the top, you know the best part of your story is still inside of you! Join us, realize the exponential value of doing things differently.

Get your heart rate up, be refreshed, inspired, challenged, and experience breakthroughs in your ability to lead.

This three-day, all-inclusive Executive level retreat is not only exciting, challenging, and dangerous in all the best ways, you will be inspired by who you are, with a new awareness of your limits and effectiveness in business and life. When was the last time you pushed your boundaries?

Executive Coaching
Available for booking

Are you lacking energy and clarity? Is there an issue that just can’t be resolved? Bob Pizzini has been there. Let Bob optimize your long term leadership.

As an experienced executive, Bob understands the time constraints associated with leadership and can deliver highly impactful executive coaching in 30 and 60 minute sessions at your location or his.

He can also optimize your performance via phone or web. Bob not only covers all aspects of leadership, he also addresses specific leadership challenges you may be experiencing, and can include business consultation.

Public Speaking
Available for booking

Keynotes and workshops tailored to your organizational needs. Bob Pizzini is a respected executive coach, speaker, and facilitator in the areas of leadership, team development, and problem solving.

In his signature unconventional, high energy style, Bob helps business owners, executives, top management, and public figures such as political leaders adapt and evolve.

As a veteran of 26 years in Navy Special Operations and the owner of a multi million-dollar business, Bob’s experience uniquely qualifies him to coach and support leaders and their teams.

Bob’s team development includes the military model of identifying manpower, training, and equipment requirements.

He discusses how to develop the blueprint of a team and the sustainment of the life cycle of a high performing team. Bob will challenge your team to make informed decisions that leverages their experience, education, and training, inspiring confidence and competence.

Group Training
Available for booking

Group training events consist of executives and emerging leaders from various organizations who come together in a small group and share their knowledge and experience throughout Bob’s guided discussion. Group events are currently scheduled each month at iFLY Va Beach in the beautiful resort city of Virginia Beach VA. Seats are limited in order to enable highly interactive discussions by all participants.

Team Events
Available for booking

Team training events consist of several executives, emerging leaders, or other team members from the same organization. Team training is scheduled at the convenience of the client and can take place at any of the 35 iFLY locations across the U.S., or Bob can deliver this powerful experience at any location of your choosing.

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