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Archives: Testimonials

“I was impressed with the quantifiable data which was presented”

“This is a great course facilitated by a real leader! I was impacted immediately by Bob’s personal story of leadership and adversity, followed by real scenarios and proven case studies.

In addition to the personal stories and relevant examples, I was impressed with the quantifiable data which was presented.

Thanks to this course, I have a completely different perspective on biological rhymes and patterns as well as the impact health has on a leader’s decision making and cognitive abilities.”

“The training was impactful”

“I very much enjoyed the Elevate Your Leadership training with Bob. The training was impactful to me in many aspects of life as well as a leader.

I was able to identify areas of self-improvement throughout the training and armed with some best practices to help me improve both as a person and leader.”

“Robert Pizzini provides the tools to drive your success”

“The Elevate Your Leadership Course will inspire you, make you a better leader, and sharpen your focus on what’s important!

Robert Pizzini provides the tools to drive your success as an individual, a teammate, and as a leader of high performing organizations.

Bonded by a team building event simulating military free fall in a controlled environment, you will meet other successful and driven leaders, learn from each other, and network for future opportunities.”